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Greg and Altered Perspectives explores existential questions that face us all, offering alternate views on our lives, careers, creativity, spirituality, and relationships. We’ll delve into metaphysics, esoteric subjects, philosophy, healing, and psychedelic experiences all culminating to universal truths and how each of us can live with our heart forward and embody joy in our lives. This is not a question and answer interview. This is a conversation. We’ll go typically an hour and end when it feels like we’re complete – could go as long as 2 or could end at 45mins… We’ll get on the river and see where it takes us. I’m interested in your story—what brought you to want to find true meaning and joy in your life? What lead you to the life you’re living now? and what’s guiding you to the future life you envision? I want to know your views on any topic, what you wish for this realm/world/planet and humanity. I want to know your insecurities and perceived short comings and how you deal with them. What do you bring to humanity and how does it serve us and raise consciousness? All of it! Do think, don’t prepare, just arrive open…


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